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Other Earth Week Events​

April 19

April 20-21

Poster Session Abstracts

Green Materials and Energy Solutions

Cerenkov Luminescence Signal Enhancement using Hyperbolic Metamaterials as a Multi-modal Imaging Probe

Natalie Boykoff, City College of New York, Poster #1

Tuning the 1O2 Oxidation of a Phenol at the Air/Solid Interface of a Nanoparticle: Hydrophobic Surface Increases Oxophilicity

Lloyd Lapoot, Brooklyn College, Poster #2

Water Responsive Tripeptide-Crystal

Elma NaranjoCity College of New York, Poster #3

Constructing De Novo Charge Separating Triad

​​Paul Molinaro, City College of New York, Poster #4

Investigation of the Dehydration of 2-Propanol for NWChemEx

Mayowa Osunsanya, Bronx Community College, Poster #5

Isotope effects on water responsive materials: HYF and Water vs Heavy Water

Janel Rivera-Cancel, Brooklyn College, Poster #6

Acceleration of Diels-Alder reactions by mechanical distortion

Yerzhan Zholdassov, Advanced Science Research Center, Poster #7

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