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Maria Contel

Director, Cancer Center, Brooklyn College; Professor, Chemistry Department, Brooklyn College

My research program focuses on the synthesis and characterization of transition-metal complexes (early and late transition metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, ruthenium and titanium) and their applications as: anticancer and antimicrobial agents. We have developed promising anticancer agents focused mostly in renal and breast cancer, and we have identified three leading compounds with impressive in vivo anticancer efficacy and very low toxicity. We work on more targeted therapies by improving the delivery of some of these and other metal-based cytotoxic agents by: a) using enzyme-cleavable biodegradable nanocarriers, and, b) using monoclonal antibodies to generate potent antibody-drug conjugates or metal-containing immune-liposomes that are specific to certain cancerous tumors.

Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology

Focus Area 3

Maria Contel
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