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George John

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, CCNY

i. Biobased Materials and Green Chemistry: Chemistry and Chemical Technologies in valorization of renewable organic residues as feedstocks for the production of value-added chemicals, materials and products such as green surfactants, emulsions and green cosmetics through simple organic transformations/enzyme catalysis. Multifunctional soft-materials including polymers, gels and surfactants.

ii. Next Generation Oil Structuring Agents and Trans Fat Alternatives: Vegetable thickening agents, trans fat free solidified vegetable oil (fat) for bakery use, chocolate and cookie making. Molecular gel chemistry and technologies.

iii. Oil Spill Mitigation Green Technologies: Phase Selective Gels. Mechanism of gel formation at the water/oil interface. Chemical Herding: Surfactant mediated oil spill mitigation technology at artic region.

iv. Green Battery Components/Energy Storage Technologies: Developing non-toxic, throw-away battery components from naturally derived organic molecules (e.g. Purpurin dye, and Henna based tattoo chemical) with comparable performance to the current Li-ion batteries.

Chemistry, Biochemistry

Focus Area 1, Focus Area 3

George John
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