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Student Awards

We are excited to announce our NanoBioNYC Student Awards have reopened! NanoBioNYC has created six monetary awards to celebrate fellows and scholars with outstanding research who excel in one of the following categories. Three of these awards will be presented at the Graduate Center Chemistry Seminar Day on December 12, 2023. These awards are open to all CUNY STEM graduate students.


Award Categories

  • Biomedical Materials and Nanomedicine

  • Nanoscale Solutions for Sustainable Materials

  • Green Energy Harvesting

  • Science Outreach

  • Cross Cutting Computational Research

  • Entrepreneurial Breakthrough


To qualify for these awards, applicants must satisfy all of the following criteria.

  • Sign up to become a NanoBioNYC fellow or scholar. Applications for the Spring Scholars 2023 cohort is open to all CUNY STEM graduate students until November 30.

  • Present a talk (Chemistry students only) or poster at Seminar Day on December 12. Register to present.

    • *Note: Year 2 Chemistry students presenting on a literary review unrelated to their research do not have to give a separate presentation to fulfill this requirement.​ You may present a research poster if you already have one made.

  • Submit one reference contact. This may be a current or former PI, advisor, or mentor.

  • Submit a 2-page curriculum vitae. Include research experience, publications, presentations, awards, and other relevant experiences.

  • Submit a 4-min (maximum) video using the instructions detailed on the application page.


More information on how to apply can be found on the application form page linked below. Deadline to apply is THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30 at 11:59 PM.

Entrepreneurship and Tech Transfer Course
Fall 2023 Course
CHEM 89000: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Tech Transfer for STEM Students

This innovative course is co-instructed by Prof. Rein Ulijn, Director of Nanoscience Initiative and the ASRC Sensor CAT, and Prof. Scott Newbert, Director of Baruch's Field Center for Entrepreneurship.

This course is ideal for PhD students in the sciences or Master's students in Nanoscience who are interested to learn how to effectively communicate their lab research while exploring its real-world applications. Students in the class will interact with scientist innovators in industry, exploring various career paths from technology startups to corporate research scientists to venture capital analysts. Students learn the basics of entrepreneurial thinking and how applying these principles to their current work in the lab will positively impact both their and the PI's research. Skills gained in the course are designed to advance a STEM grad student's career opportunities in any industry.

To be eligible for the Fall Fellows cohort, you must be enrolled and in good standing at a CUNY STEM Ph.D. program at the Graduate Center or the Grove School of Engineering.

Deadline to apply is Friday, January 19th.

PLEASE NOTE: The Spring Scholars are not eligible to receive stipends. If you wish to receive a stipend from NanoBioNYC and you meet our criteria*, you must also apply to the Fall Fellows cohort. Fall applications will open in Summer 2024.

*Fall Fellows Criteria

 1.‎ A Second Year Ph.D. student in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Physics at the Graduate ‎Center at the time of application for Fall 2024

2.‎ U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

3. Not receiving stipends from any other programs

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