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Jack C. Mechler

Biochemistry PhD Student, des Georges Lab

ASRC - Expected Graduation: 2026


Looking for summer research opportunities for 2024 where a Cryo-electron microscopy skillset could be expanded. Trained in structural biology, including single-particle and tomographic analysis, but open to learning more about companies that work with nanoscience applications of the toolset.


My research interests lie in the convergence of Cryo-Electron Microscopy and new computational methods of analysis. I am working to integrate AI protein structure programs like AlphaFold into the 3D reconstruction of the membrane protein RyR to help uncover its “social” behaviors and mechanics of function.

Technical Skills

Cryo-electron microscopy - Single-particle analysis, tomographic analysis, protein modeling. Alphafold, protein purification, protein gels, scanning electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, spectrophotometry, fluorimetry, cell culture, cloning, protein expression.

Professional Development Skills

• Citation Management – Attended Workshop 11/22
• Career Development - Attended Workshop 12/22
• Science Presentation - Attended Workshop 12/22


• Bovee H, Mechler J, Koloski J, Berrus H, Korn A, Olendzenski L, Marano N. (2020). Purification of Amyloid Fibers Formed by the Tetracycline Resistant Soil Bacterium, Microbacterium oryzae. The FASEB Journal. 34. 1-1. 10.1096/fasebj.2020.34.s1.04449.


• EMBO Tel Aviv, 2023, Poster Presentation
• NanoBioNYC Launch Event, 2023, co-organized and presented poster


• NanoBioNYC Fellowship
• CUNY Science Scholarship
• CUNY Graduate Assistantship
• CUNY Tuition Fellowship
• Sesquicentennial Scholarship, Presidential Achievement Award
• Saint Lawrence University Summer Research Fellowship

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