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Angelina V. Grebe

Biochemistry PhD Student, Emerson Lab

City College of New York - Expected Graduation: 2026


Looking for summer research opportunities for 2024 in the field of biochemistry/neurobiochemistry. Open to learning more about companies that work in adaptation of nanotechnologies to the biomedical field.


Angelina Grebe is a member of the Emerson lab, where the focus is developing a better understanding of how gene regulation during development influences cell fate decisions, particularly in the vertebrate retina. Angelina’s specific project focuses on development of a method to determine, in vivo, the proteins that bind to cis-regulatory elements of DNA to help drive these cell fate decisions. This has given her the opportunity to bring new techniques into the lab and adapt them toward achieving this goal. When not in lab, she enjoys staying active by running and playing in a recreational basketball league.

Technical Skills

DNA extraction/purification, plasmid cloning/bacterial transformation, polymerase chain reaction, protein/DNA gel electrophoresis, western blot, immunohistochemistry, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, size exclusion chromatography, retinal dissections, cryo-sectioning

Professional Development Skills

• Citation Management – Attended Workshop 11/22
• Career Development - Attended Workshop 12/22
• Science Presentation - Attended Workshop 12/22




• A. Grebe, T. Tiyani, K.H. Gardner, PhD, and M.M. Emerson, PhD Poster: “Development of a method for in vivo identification of enhancer occupancy in the developing retina”; presented at NanoBioNYC launch event (April 2023)

• A. Grebe and A. Rodríguez-Contreras, PhD Presentation: “Investigation of glia-like cells in cnidarian species”; presented at CCNY Neuroscience seminar (July 2021)

• A. Grebe, C.W. Hespen, PhD, and H.C. Hang, PhD Poster: “Progress towards structural characterization of muramyl dipeptide-NOD2 complex” presented at Tri-Institutional Summer Research Internship Poster Session (August 2018)

• A. Grebe and P.I. Meneses, PhD Poster: “The effectiveness of the 16L1.CT antibody in preventing HPV infection” presented at FCRH Research Symposium (April 2018)


• Doctoral Student Research Grant (2023)
• CUNY Graduate Center Science Scholarship (2021-Present)

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