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Paul Molinaro

Biophysics PhD Student, Koder Lab

Job Title


Looking for full time employment after graduating in 2024 in the field of Protein Design. Interested in both computational and wet lab opportunities.


As a member of the Koder lab, Paul believes that de novo protein design is fertile territory for innovation. He is guided by Richard Feynman’s famous dictum, “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” Designing new proteins will give us insight into the relationship between structure and function. Paul has worked to gain experience in all aspects of design, from computational generation of new folds to wet lab analysis of their behavior.

Technical Skills

• Proficient at purifying both soluble and insoulable recombinant proteins using affinity chromatography, gel filtration and reverse phase HPLC
• Protein analysis tools including but not limited too – UV/VIS Spectroscopy, redox chemistry, circular dichroism, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, NMR, Laser flash photolysis, SPR
• Design of small molecule binding proteins using protCAD, Alphafold2, RossettaFold, RFDiffuse, RFHallucinate, and OpenMM

Professional Development Skills



• Schnatz, P.J., Brisendine, J.M., Laing, C.C., Everson, B.H., French, C.A., Molinaro, P.M., Koder, R.L., 2020. Designing heterotropically activated allosteric conformational switches using supercharging. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117, 5291–5297..
• Satapathy, S., Liu, B., Deshmukh, P., Molinaro, P.M., Dirnberger, F., Khatoniar, M., Koder, R.L., Menon, V.M., 2022. Thermalization of Fluorescent Protein Exciton–Polaritons at Room Temperature. Advanced Materials 34, 2109107..
• Timm, J., Pike, D. H., Mancini, J. A., Tyryshkin, A. M., Poudel, S., Siess, J. A., Molinaro, P.M., Nanda, V. (2023). Design of a minimal di-nickel hydrogenase peptide. Sci. Adv., 9(10).





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