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Paola Colon De Leon

Chemistry PhD Student, R. Ulijn Lab and R. Tu Lab

Job Title


Open to learning more about companies that work in Food, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries to earn knowledge and experience that can help me in the future when searching for a job. Also, I am interested in creating my own business and NanoBioNYC have the tools that I need to learn how to start building this idea.


As a member of the Ulijn lab and Tu lab, Paola Colon is interested in the emulsification of peptides in the air/water interface and self-assembly of these structures when you change conditions as: pH, concentration, buffer and temperature. We want to have an understanding on how this phenomenon occurs in some selected amino acid sequences and tripeptides. To make this a reality, Paola works with cutting-edge techniques: in SPPS, LC-MS, PREP-HPLC, Confocal Microscope, NMR, TEM, FTIR, UV-vis, Fluorescence, and novel approaches to sample preparation. When not in lab, Paola likes to travel to new places, cook new recipes, go to the gym and lift weights, play videos games, listen to music and read.

Technical Skills

SPPS, LC-MS, PREP-HPLC, Confocal Microscope, NMR, TEM, FTIR, UV-vis, Fluorescence

Professional Development Skills

• Science communication – Attended ABC workshop on XYZ date
• NanoBioNYC: Attended Annual Sensor CAT event on 04-19-23
• NanoBioNYC: Attended Bio-inspired green science & technology Symposium on 04-20-23
• 2023 IDEALS Research Summer Series- Attended 06-13-23
• NMR Crystallography: An Atomic-Resolution Probe of structure and Mechanism in the Molecular Sciences






• GC Science scholarship

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