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Murat Yaman

Biochemistry PhD Student, Marianski’s Lab

Job Title


I am currently searching for summer research opportunities in 2024 related to computational quantum mechanical modeling for biomolecules. I am open to expanding my knowledge and understanding of companies engaged in small molecule drug discovery utilizing computational and machine learning techniques.


I am currently working on structural analysis of small glycans in a gas phase. Understanding of the role of potential-energy surface in defining function of glycans in gas-phase, solution, and in bound complexes. Development of sampling techniques and data analysis pipeline in CarP.

Technical Skills

Quantum chemical calculations (Gaussian16, FHIaims, CP2K), semiempiriral (xtb), data analysis (Python), and Adobe Illustrator.

Professional Development Skills

• Attending European Glycoscience community webinars (biweekly) since 2021
• Attended Deep modeling for molecular simulation on July, 2022


‘‘Decoding the Fucose Migration Product during Mass-Spectrometric Analysis of Blood Group Epitopes’’
M. Lettow, K. Greis, E. Mucha, T. R. Lambeth, M. Yaman, V. Kontodimas, C. Manz, W. Hoffmann, G. Meijer, R. R. Julian, G. von Helden, M. Marianski, K. Pagel Angewandte Chemie International Edition , 2023, e202302883 doi: 10.1002/ange.202302883

“Crystal-to-Crystal Transition and the Structure Development of Electrospun Poly (ethylene 2, 6 naphthalate)(PEN) Nanofibers from Solution"
M Yaman, P Lu, N Vasanthan
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (27), 5954-5961


• Gordon Research Conference (Carbohydrates), 2023, Poster Presenter.
• New England Glycochemistry Meetings , 2023, Poster and oral presenter.
• NanoBioNYC Launch Event, 2023, Oral presenter


NanoBioNYC Student Award – Cross-Cutting Computational Research

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