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Kenneth Erzoah Ndede

Chemistry PhD Student, Adam Braunschweig Lab

Job Title


My objective is to explore the intricate variations in glycosylation patterns found on the cell surface of different viruses. By delving into this complexity, I aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of how these variations can be leveraged to design novel small organic molecules, that hold the potential to effectively inhibit a diverse array of enveloped viral families, showcasing their broad-spectrum antiviral capabilities.


Kenneth Erzoah Ndede, a member of the Adam Braunschweig lab, dedicates his scientific endeavors to the fascinating realm of synthesizing small organic molecules referred to as synthetic carbohydrate receptors (SCRs). His unwavering focus lies in uncovering SCRs with exceptional potential for binding to the receptor binding domains of enveloped viruses, thus paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in virology.
Outside the lab, Kenneth embraces a well-rounded lifestyle that keeps him energized and inspired. He finds solace in his commitment to physical fitness, regularly engaging in workouts that fuel his body and mind. Additionally, he cherishes the company of his friends, occasionally indulging in delightful outings that further enrich his social sphere.
Furthermore, Kenneth has an innate talent for culinary arts and finds solace and joy in the art of cooking. Exploring the depths of flavors and experimenting with diverse ingredients, he crafts delectable masterpieces that satisfy not only his appetite but also those fortunate enough to savor his creations.
However, when nostalgia strikes and homesickness lingers, Kenneth turns to the enchanting rhythms of afrobeat songs. Dancing and swaying to the vibrant melodies, he finds solace and a comforting connection to his cultural roots, transcending the physical boundaries that may separate him from his beloved home.

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