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Janel Rivera Cancel

Chemistry PhD Student, Giovambattista, Chen and Ulijn Lab

Job Title


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Janel obtained her double major B.S. in chemistry and biomedical sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce. Here she conducted research on the synthesis and characterization of quantum dots for toxic waste treatment. She joined the Chemistry Ph.D. program in 2020 and is currently co-advised by Professor Nicolas Giovambattista, Professor Gustavo Lopez, Professor Xi Chen, and Professor Rein Ulijn. She studies the water-biomolecule interface using molecular dynamic simulations to understand their behavior at different temperature conditions and glassy states of water. She also researches supramolecular water-responsive materials and isotope effects on their mechanical properties.

Technical Skills

UV-Vis spectrometer, fluorometer, IR spectrometer, DLS and Zeta Potential spectrometer, AFM, SEM, Mars 6 system, and HPLC.

Professional Development Skills





• NanoBioNYC Launch, ASRC, New York, NY (Apr. 2023)
• MRS Spring Conference, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA (Apr 2023)
• IDEALS II External Advisory Committee Meeting, New York, NY (May 2022)
• 44th Senior Technical Meeting, Puerto Rico (Virtual oral presentation) (Nov. 2021)
• Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in STEM, Washington, D.C. (Frb. 2020)
•Columbia University Materials Research REU Program Symposium, New York, NY (Aug. 2019)
•XVII Symposium of scientific investigation at the PCUPR, Ponce, PR (Apr. 2019)


•Crest Ideals Fellowship (2021)
•Highest GPA in Chemistry Department Certificate (2020)
•Cum Laude (2020)
•Institutional Honor Program Student Scholarship (2017-2020)

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