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Nicolas Giovambattista

Associate Professor of Physics, Brooklyn College

Nicolas Giovambattista utilizes computer simulations, combined with thermodynamics and statistical mechanics theory to study liquids and glasses, particularly, water and aqueous solutions. His research is driven both by applications and fundamental questions. Application-driven research topics include the characterization of liquids at interfaces and in nanoscale confinement, and the study of solvent-induced interactions (e.g., hydrophobic interactions). Research projects driven by fundamental questions include the understanding of glass polymorphism, i.e., the study of materials that can form more than one amorphous solid state (e.g., water), how liquids can be trapped in glassy states (glass transition), the stabilization of biomolecules at low temperatures (e.g., cryopreservation), and nuclear quantum effects on liquids and glasses. 


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Nicolas Giovambattista
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