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Donna McGregor

Assistant Professor, Lehman College

Donna is an analytically trained inorganic chemist who earned her PhD., in Analytical Chemistry from The Graduate Center, CUNY. Her PhD thesis focused specifically on understanding the speciation and oxidation state stabilization of technetium-99 (Tc-99) using polyoxometalates as metal oxide mimics. Her primary research interests today are in the fields of Chemical Education Pedagogy, the continued understanding of Tc-99 coordination chemistry and the use of short peptide building blocks for the intelligent design of more complex metal-chelating systems and nanostructures with proton transfer capabilities. Donna is an expert in chemical pedagogy and has recruited and trained upwards of 20 students (undergraduate and graduate) in her academic career, many of whom have worked with polyoxometalates and in conjunction with Hunter College, been trained to work with Tc-99. ‎


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Donna McGregor
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