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Ryan W. Kwok

Chemistry PhD Student, Marianski Lab

Hunter College - Expected Graduation: 2027


Looking for summer research opportunities for 2024 in the field of computational chemistry. Open to learning more about companies that work in energy materials or drug design.


As a member of the Marianski lab, Ryan uses methods of density-functional theory to investigate how external force and modification of the electronic properties of substrates modifies the underlying potential-energy surface of glycosylation reaction and other simple organic reactions. When not in lab, Ryan likes to rock climb, snowboard and play video games.

Technical Skills

• Quantum Chemical Calculations (Gaussian16, CP2K, FHI-Aims)
• Programming Languages (Python, HTML/CSS, Bash)
• Document Preparation (LaTeX, PyMOL, Inkscape)

Professional Development Skills



[1] Y. S. Zholdassov, L. Yuan, S. R. Garcia, R. W. Kwok, A. Boscoboinik, D. J. Valles, M. Marianski, A. Martini, R. W. Carpick, A. B. Braunschweig. "Acceleration of Diels-Alder reactions by mechanical distortion" Science, 2023, 380, 1053-1058.


• Gordon Research Conference: Carbohydrates, Jun 18-23 2023, Poster: “Influence of Protecting Groups on the Stability of Glycosylation Reaction Intermediates”
• New England Glyco-Chemistry Meeting, Jun 17 2023, Poster and Poster Talk: “Influence of Protecting Groups on the Stability of Glycosylation Reaction Intermediates”
• Bio-Inspired Green Science & Technology Symposium, April 22 2022, Talk: “Transition State Optimization of Biochemical Systems for the Acceleration of Biomaterial Discovery”
• CMCC REU Summer Poster Presentations, Aug 6 2021, Poster: “A Kinetic Study of Mechanochemically Induced Nucleophilic Reactions”
• Hunter College Undergraduate STEM Research Conference, May 7 2021, Talk: “The Influence of Protecting Groups on Glycosylation Intermediates and Stereochemistry”


• NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) – 2023 Honorable Mention
• CUNY Graduate Center Science Scholarship - 2022 to Present

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