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Kenny Barriales

Chemistry PhD Student, Ulijn and DelRe Labs

ASRC Nanoscience Initiative - Expected Graduation: 2027


Open to learning more about industry and start-up companies.


As a member of Professor Rein Ulijn and Chris DelRe’s lab, Kenny's research focuses on the production of melanin mimetic and dispersible graphene nanomaterials using tyrosine containing peptides to solve practical issues, such as, developing an entirely new liquid form of melanin and a completely soluble form of graphene (not seen in biology) which may be suited for potential cosmetic and biomedical applications.

Technical Skills

SEM, Confocal Microscopy, TEM, UV-vis Spectroscopy, LCMS, MALDI, AFM, Raman Spectroscopy, etc.

Professional Development Skills

Science communication, Leadership




ACS Conference, August 13th- 17th 2023, Presenter.



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